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Founder & Curator

At 55 years young, I embrace life with a spirit that knows no bounds! This is my story, and I embrace it with arms wide open.

Life is meant to be fun, and I live by that creed. If joy doesn't dance in the heart of an endeavor, I choose a different path, where happiness leads the way.

Laughter is my soundtrack, and comedies are my favorite symphony. I am aEmpowering Women - Pink Power Lady child at heart, and my laughter echoes through the years, preserving the essence of youth within me.

Oh, Mexican cuisine, a symphony of flavors that awaken my taste buds and warm my heart. With each delicious bite, I savor the richness of life's experiences.

Ah, Root Beer, the essence of sweet nostalgia. Its taste ignites memories of simpler times and reminds me never to lose touch with the child within.

This world is our playground, and the great outdoors is my personal sanctuary, making me feel alive and grounded. Whether hiking up majestic mountains or strolling through vibrant parks, I connect with nature, finding freedom and strength in every step.

I wear my power color pink showing my zest for life and unapologetic femininity. These qualities radiate from me and combined with my confidence, I naturally inspire others to embrace their individuality.

In motion, I find pure bliss. My active lifestyle fuels my energy, and I dance through life with contagious enthusiasm, celebrating every moment while cherishing the gift of movement and health.

Maximus, my loyal Siberian Husky, is my partner in adventure and shares in the joy of exploration. Together, we fearlessly conquer new paths, our spirits intertwined like kindred souls.

My specialty is taking a woman's health with the knowledge only a woman has and nurturing transformation. Witnessing those transformations, inside and out, fills my heart with immense joy and gratification. This combined with my personal training background my purpose is clear; empowering women over 45 to revel in their bodies, nurture self-love,  inner strength and place women's health front and center.

As women transform and gain more self-confidence they radiate. My online store is a place where they can enhance that radiance with beautiful Jewellery and other items. Inside the pages, they will find they can bask in the magic of feeling good, looking fabulous, and achieving their heart's desires. It's a sanctuary of empowerment, dreams and possibilities enabling the showcasing of the transforming women to their best authentic selves. 

Women Empowering Women

Every day is a chance to savor life's wonders, to dance to our own rhythm, and to celebrate the radiant, authentic women we are. 

In a world that sometimes tries to dictate how we should be, I stand tall, fiercely advocating for every woman to love herself unconditionally. 

We gather in a sacred circle, bound by trust and understanding, cherishing the essence of womanhood in a safe and nurturing space. Women empowering women is beautiful and life changing.

I passionately believe in the beauty of authenticity, and my mission is to empower women by encouraging women to embrace their true selves, with love and grace. Together, we celebrate our uniqueness, unburdened by judgement, in a haven of acceptance.

We are women empowering women!
I invite you to join me in this journey of self-discovery and boundless joy. Let us embrace life, love, and laughter, together as one!

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